Curatorial experiments

Portraits of Helen


Colour vs. Black and white

The concept here is an easy one to follow, and really needs no explanation. These pieces are successful because they clearly and concisely describe absence […]

Cellophane and tree

Like a lot of my photography, the ones I find most interesting, are of situations that I’ve stumbled upon. I found this sheet of plastic […]

Actisol Prints

Adjusted images

Traced drawings

These drawing were created using another very simple method. The original image was traced vaguely, and quickly, the traced image was then scanned into a […]

Black and White Photography (Double exposures)

This process was another which took place in the dark room. I found the methodism of the development process to be almost therapeutic. This aesthetic […]

Cemetery Photography

Images of an Ossuary and graveyard in central France. Littering the ground were several sarcophagi made for both adults and babies, which had long been […]

Cino-graph Pencil Black and Whites

These pieces were created using a Cino-graph Pencil. Prior to development, the negative is placed on a light box to enable precise mark making. The […]