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Cemetery Photography

Images of an Ossuary and graveyard in central France.

Littering the ground were several sarcophagi made for both adults and babies, which had long been excavated, (we’re talking over a thousand years ago). There was something contradictory about this act of desecration because although the bones had been dug up, they were safely housed in the brick building shown above.

In the graveyard there were many modern tombs and stones, as well as much older ones. Here there was an obvious and touching respect for the dead, which is often lacking in our British culture. It is odd that we are so famous for our inability to grieve, and our discomfort with death, and yet it is so common to see vandalised head stones. My work at this time surrounded the idea of grief and my own experience of it. I learnt a lot about the way we deal with loss and the continual process of grief. It can be a celebration and a hardship, it is something humans will deal with as long as they live because there can be no life without death.





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