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Colour vs. Black and white

The concept here is an easy one to follow, and really needs no explanation.

These pieces are successful because they clearly and concisely describe absence and loss, and they do so very simply.

All three images have been changed to different degrees, using photo-shop. The highly saturated piece you see has been changed drastically from the original image. The piece has been cropped in order to intensify the girls stare through its composition and the colour saturation and contrast has been increased significantly.

The use of grey against colour forces the viewer to consider exactly what this method attempts to describe. In keeping with the rest of my work, the marriage of grey and colour creates a strained union which can be explained. Black and white photography seems to describe the past, whereas colour reflects more ideas of the present. Combining the two in one image forces past and present together, describing death and life all in one go.

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