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Dead Things Go To Heaven A Short Film

This piece stemmed from my longing to create something unlike any work I had made previously. Having never considered animation as a vehicle with which to translate my ideas, I decided it was a perfect way to refresh my work and the way I viewed it. I find there is a need for this ‘refreshing’ process every so often as I get bogged down by the continual painting.

This animation is my reaction to western ideas surrounding the subject of death. The way that as a nation, we seem to be infused with a fear of death. On the whole we find it impossible to talk about death let alone to recognise it as an inevitable reality. Since I made this animation I have continued with the same ‘theme’ and explored my own grief and reactions to death whilst also researching ritualistic behaviour within religion. I suppose you could say that the way I created my work became a ritual in itself.

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